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Highlights and Features

● No longer be exposed to thieves and predators while away from home. WingMate protects your personal contact information from easily being visible to the public while traveling and helpsprevent from wrong doers knowing you're not home.

● Only information that you want to be seen by the public is visible!

● Aids with recovery of lost or forgotten valuables and sends a pinpoint on a Google Map of your items location when found!

● Embedded NFC chip makes it easy for a finder to report your lost items.

● Scannable QR Code allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet the ability to report your lost articles.

● Our luggage tags are 25% thicker than standard tags for extra durability.

● Each tag comes with WingMate Assurance; if a tag fails or breaks within 30 days of purchase we will replace the tag FREE! You only pay for shipping and handling. After 30 days, we will replace a failed or broken tag at 50% off!

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WingMate is a "Smart" tag that provides a secure way to store personal contact information on virtually any traveling valuable, such as luggage or electronics, and assists with the recovery of valuables when lost. Think of it as a transponder for your Crew Bag or other items!

Using NFC and QR Code Technology, WingMate is the most advanced Luggage Tag available. Never write on a luggage tag again and have your personal information easily exposed to the public, simply update your contact information with a click of your mouse or use your smartphone! Whenever your tag is lost, WingMate increases the effectiveness of recovering your lost articles. WingMate was developed by two airline pilots and is flight crew tested to be the best and last luggage tag you will ever need!


Each WingMate tag is embedded with a NFC (Near Field Communication) chip that when read acts as the "key" to our cloud database. The information that you enter into your WingMate profile is securely stored in our database and may only be edited by you. Only contact information that you wish to be visible to others may be seen when accessed through our LOST and FOUND portal.  WingMate also uses QR Code technology that may be used when NFC technology is unavailable.

Whenever a tag is lost and then found, the finder touches the WingMate tag to a NFC enabled device, scans QR code, or goes to the URL on the WingMate tag. By using the NFC technology embedded into the tag, and entering the WingMate tags Serial Number into our online database, the person who found the tag may contact the owner using the methods provided on the owner's profile. In addition, you are sent an automatic email with the details of the find with a map of it's location and the contact information of the finder.

"We've Got You Covered"

We stand by our products 100% and give true meaning to our WingMate name. Whenever you purchase one of our smart tags from, your items are automatically covered by our WingMate Assurance program! In the event a tag fails or breaks within 30 days of purchase we will replace the tag for FREE! You only pay for shipping and handling ($3.49 within all US states and territories. International rates vary). After 30 days, we will replace a failed or broken tag at 50% off the retail price! So, just like a wingman, we've got you covered!

Turn an ordinary luggage tag into a WingMate Smart Tag!

Want to add WingMate to an existing luggage tag? With our WingMate stickers turn any ordinary tag into a Smart tag!

Turn an ordinary tag into a WingMate smart tag!


Traveler Series

The Traveler series feature a simple but modern and fun design for any traveler or jetsetter. With many colors to choose from, WingMate Traveler allows anyone to express themselves while on the go.

Skyline Series

Just like these magnificent cities, the Skyline series will truly take your breath away with larger than life skyscrapers but at the size of the palm of your hand. Take your home or favorite city with you wherever you go!

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